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Surgery patients of the Month- February- Patella Luxation & Fracture Femoral

Congratulations to Simon and Charlie for being our February Surgery patients of the Month!They love to snuggle!

February is considered the “month of love”, so we decided to share the honor of “Surgery Patient of the Month” between a very loving brother and sister combination, Simon and Charlie! Both are equally deserving of recognition, as they underwent surgery only a few days apart from each other.

Simon is a 2 year old English cocker spaniel who was referred to see our ACVS board certified surgeon, Dr. Marc Hirshenson, for evaluation of left hindlimb lameness. Dr. Hirshenson diagnosed Simon with a left medial patella luxation.

Medial patella luxation occurs when the patella (knee cap) does not sit correctly within the groove of the femur (thigh bone). The patella “pops” in and out of the groove, causing inflammation and discomfort. Over years, this causes break down of cartilage within the knee joint and osteoarthritis. Surgery is recommended to stabilize the patella for dogs showing signs of pain related to a luxating patella. The goal of surgery is to keep the patella in the groove through a full range of motion of the knee joint.  

Simon underwent surgical correction of his luxating patella, and recovered quickly, after spending a few days in the hospital.

The day before Simon’s surgery, his owners adopted their second dog, Charlie, a young female  Miniature Pincher. At the time of her adoption, Charlie would not bear any weight on her left hindlimb.

While Simon was recovering at West Hills, Charlie was brought to her primary care veterinarian for evaluation and radiographs (x-rays) of her affected hindlimb. X-rays showed her left femur was fractured!  Charlie was then referred to Dr. Hirshenson. He determined the fracture occurred at least 2 weeks prior to her adoption. Surgery was recommended, and Charlie was admitted on the same day Simon was discharged.

Charlie’s femur fracture was stabilized with a plate and screws. She experienced no complications during or after surgery, and just like Simon, recovered well post-operatively.

Simon and Charlie continued their together at home, gaining back strength in their respective left hind limbs have now resumed  normal activity. They will forever have a special bond, and share dedicated owners who take fantastic care of them!

Congratulations on your recovery Simon and Charlie! Simon   Charlie