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Holiday Items that can be Hazardous to your Pets

December is full of holiday celebrations and is a wonderful time to spend with family & friends.  We listed some common holiday items that can be hazardous to pets.  We are here 24/7 if you need us.


Chocolate, which stimulates the nervous system and the heart should be kept far away from four-legged friends. Although all chocolate should be avoided, dark chocolate poses a greater risk than sweeter varieties such as milk chocolate.

Grapes & Raisins

Grapes and raisins are other common hazards for pets during the holidays.  Any candied raisins found in fruit cake or grapes found on appetizer platters are potentially poisonous to dogs and cats.

Tinsel & Ribbons

These shiny decorations may look pretty, but they can cause serious problems for cats and dogs.  Never wrap tinsel or ribbon around the neck of a pet no matter how festive it looks, this is a choking hazard.

Sugar-Free Baked Goods 

Holiday cookies might look like a tempting treat for your pet but the artificial sweetener xylitol found in some sugar-free baked goods can cause hypoglycemia and liver issues.

Holiday Plants

Mistletoe and holly are two of the more toxic holiday plants to pets which can cause severe gastrointestinal disorders, breathing difficulty & heart failure in extreme cases if ingested.  The dangers of poinsettias and Christmas cactus are relatively harmless; if ingested these plants may cause an irritating reaction in the mouths of dogs and especially cats.

 Holiday Ornaments

Although not poisonous many ornaments have sharp edges that can cause perforations and lacerations to pets that try to chew on the decorations, safeguard them for the sake of your pet.

 Electrical Cords

Some animals love to chew electrical cords and all the additional lights strung up around the house present a new hazard. To protect pets, turn off lights and unplug them when you aren’t home.

 Turkey Bones

Rich fatty foods can cause illness, and ingested turkey bones can splinter and puncture internal organs.


Keep them away from the punch and egg nog. Pets should never ingest alcoholic beverages because alcohol depresses the nervous system.

 Christmas Trees

Pine needles won’t harm your pet, but there are plenty of dangers surrounding a Christmas tree. The tree should always be properly secured and fragile glass ornaments should be kept off low-lying branches if your pet decides to play. If your cat is prone to climbing, leave ornaments off the tree for a few days to see if he will attempt to climb it.  If you have a real Christmas tree, don’t add fertilizer to the tree water and keep pets away from stagnant water in the reservoir.