Internet Pharmacies

In our fast paced, convenience driven society, on-line shopping has become the norm. However, as many consumers have unfortunately found out, the Internet is not always your friend.  Just as there are disreputable “brick and mortar” businesses, the same applies to on-line “stores”.  This also holds true when it comes to pet medications.  In fact, even the FDA has warned consumers of the potential perils of some on-line pet pharmacies.  For example, you may not know that manufacturer’s warranties are “null and void” when pet medications are purchased from places other than your veterinarian.  Furthermore manufacturer rebates are not honored either.  For over a decade we at West Hills Animal Hospital & Emergency Center have offered our clients a convenient, very competitively priced, e-Pharmacy where they can get their medications online from the doctors they trust and still retain the manufacturer’s warrantees and rebates.  Visit us at and go to our e-Pharmacy.