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Puppy Care

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Congratulations on your new puppy!

All of us at West Hills Animal Hospital & Emergency Center just love puppies! We are excited to meet your new puppy to welcome him to our West Hills family. Please bring your puppy in for an exam as soon as possible so we may ensure he or she is healthy. Together we will make sure your puppy receives all the health care they need to grow up healthy and strong.

Your Puppy’s First Visit

We ask that you bring the health information provided to you by the seller or shelter on your first visit with us, which should include a previous history of vaccines and deworming, as well as a fresh stool sample. Please bring your puppy on a leash or dog carrier.

During your puppy’s initial visit, we will perform a comprehensive examination and examine your puppy for intestinal parasites. Puppies need a series of vaccinations in the first year of life to protect them from preventable dangerous diseases, and we will develop a vaccination schedule specifically for your puppy. We will address any questions you have concerning care for your pet, such as diet and nutrition, behavioral issues, integrating the new puppy into your home, or house training.

Your puppy’s first visit with us will include:

Vaccines and Your Puppy

We believe in designing a personalized vaccine protocol for each puppy to maximize the protection against any diseases your puppy is likely to be exposed to. There are many diseases that are preventable through the judicious use of vaccines, so it is important to vaccinate your puppy against the diseases to which he or she may be exposed. Vaccinations and flea and tick control keep your family healthy, too.

Dental Care for Your Puppy

During your puppy’s wellness visit, we will discuss at home dental care with you and show you how to gradually start brushing your puppy’s teeth. Over time, they will get used to teeth brushing and even look forward to having their teeth brushed at home on a regular basis.

Please Watch Your Puppy Carefully!

Puppies are vulnerable and are prone to accidental injury. Please be alert to the following symptoms, which may be signs that your puppy needs immediate care:

Please call today to schedule an appointment for us to meet your new puppy!

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